So I've been pretty strict after the whole30 we did.  I've mostly stuck to black coffee, kept away from dairy, and mostly stayed eating paleo.  I'm down another 5 lbs today.  This is even with weighing in in the afternoon after drinking plenty fluids and eating, hopefully I can get a better reading tomorrow morning and it'll show I lost even more.  The workouts have also still been pretty inconsistant but I'm still getting a couple in each week.

I'm super happy with the results I've been getting from eating better and I even like our new pre-workout drinks.  They're from vitacost, we are using ARO pre-workout drinks and also their protien now.  I really like the protien but I wish it had some glutamine in it.  Anyway, some other protiens I've had in the past were gritty, or just didn't taste good.  The ARO vanilla is great so thats a plus.  

I'm working toward getting a bar muscle up again. I'm still not sure if I will hit my head in the garage yet.  I can definately feel the change like I did when I had first started hitting the weights hard last year.  Until next time KEEP GOING GET THAT NEXT REP!!!

I am glad my recent cheat meals hadn't had too much effect on my gains.