being sick

Having issues

Well I got sick yesterday and ended up eating some crackers and drinking some gatoraid.  I had gone to a birthday party and ate a few cookies (4) and some bacon wrapped meatballs soaked in bbq sause, the kind i know is loaded with sugar.

So I ended up having some issues and I was sick yesterday.  I’m two weeks in and have just started transitioning to cooked foods also.  Not sure if that is also giving me problems or it was just the cheats over the weekend.  I haven’t kept up with the workout routine while I was sick, so I guess I’ll just try to continue and see how it works out for the next series.  I was planning on doing two cycles either way.

We finally got wall balls, before we had to do wall balls with slam balls and they don’t quite bounce off the wall enough so its different.  Anyway I still feel pretty good with the exception of yesterday so I’m going to try to stick with it.

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