I promized some pictures

I haven’t been quite as consistant as I had hoped when we decided to get the home gym.  It has been a rough week with the little ones getting sick, my wife getting sick, trying to dig out the backyard for the garden etc. etc.  We will  be having a community garage sale soon so hopefully we can get rid of a few of the items cluttering our gym.  That is also a nuisance when going to work out.


We are pretty happy with the space though its fairly small for the size rig we have in there and performing muscle ups on the bar requires ducking my head a bit.  I still haven’t gone to get the materials to build a box for box jumps but that will happen soon enough also.  I’ve been able to get some great wod’s in when it was convienient and at times when I couldn’t have driven to a gym, wod, and been home in time for the family responsibilities.

We are nearing the end of our whole30 and will probably keep eating quite clean for another month at least.  So far the only cheats I’ve had were the 4 cookies, and 3 bbq soaked meatballs at the birthday party (and a cupcake) and gatoraid and crackers the day I was sick.  I think that’s pretty good, and I’m not disappointed by those cheats.

I always do feel better when I am eating healthy at home.