16.1 My Own Scaled Version

This weekend I decided after seeing the late night at the local Crossfit box and seeing about 16.1 on social media that I should go ahead with the workout in some fashion.

How Did I Scale 16.1

I didn’t want to go all the way to the scaled version that was written for the open, not because it wouldn’t be a good workout, but because I wanted to do overhead lunges and regular pull ups. I did the WOD as if I was scaling any other workout at a Crossfit box, choosing a weight that I could do reasonably well, and doing movements that I was comforable with. I scaled the weight on the overhead lunges down to 55 lbs which was a bit lighter than I needed to go. This is a huge drop from the 95 lbs of the Rx workout, but I know since I’ve been a bit more relaxed with my training it was necessary.

How Did I Do?

I was able to get 4 rounds in, which is a bit slower than what I expected. I was going to do chest to bar pull ups because I can do them fairly well but after the first round, seeing how winded I was after the lunges and burpees, thought it better to stick with regular pull ups. I did the lunges in the street and walked to my garage for the pull ups, had a few distractions during the workout, but nothing that would’ve made any major difference in my results. The bottom line is that this WOD was tough and I haven’t been doing the conditioning that I had done as far as longer grind workouts.

What is my ‘Normal’ Workout Like?

Because I typically just do a short ‘WOD’ if I can get the baby girl to nap while the older one is at school (until noon), my workouts are generally about 5-10 minutes. I will do 100 push ups, sit ups, air squats. Sometimes I’ll do 2 movements, like today I am doing kettlebell halo’s and goblet squats, in sets of 10. I like to do kb swings with one arm switching arms at the height of the movement, or one legged weighted good mornings. Generally I do a much less intense workout than when I was a regular at a Crossfit box.