Consistency is Getting better

I had been having trouble getting in my workouts regularly.  Since the second kid came it had been rough getting in any kind of workouts but I’m doing a bit better with it recently.  I’ve been doing at least a little bit almost every day, and usually i actually get a wod in.  I’ve been working on my trying to get my clean technique back up to par so I can start getting some pr’s.  Its been a while since I’ve had a pr on any of the olympic lifts.  I’m doing good with the butterfly pull ups now and they even seem natural to me.

It is getting hot here in Texas so working out in the garage does get hot.  We have a fan and working out in the mornings or evenings helps a bit when I can get to it at those times.  I’m just happy I’ve been able to be more consistant with my work. Without that every workout is as hard as the last. I’m looking forward to them starting to get easier again.  I was getting in very good shape around 10 months ago and I really regret letting myself slack.