Fitbit Charge HR review

My Review of Fitbit Charge HR

So I wasn’t expecting it, wasn’t particularly interested in one, but upon receving a Fitbit  I decided to give a Fitbit Charge HR review. How its working for me, and things I might not like about it.


What does the Fitbit Charge HR do?

There are 5 readings that the Fitbit Charge HR will give you. You scroll through the readings by hitting the button again.

TIME: It shows the time according to the time zone you select, and will resets the distance, calories and stairs at midnight

FOOTSTEPS: it will tell you the number of footsteps you’ve taken in a day, it also will vibrate on occasion when you reach certain benchmarks.

HEARTRATE: it shows your heart rate and has a 3 scale measure- at rest, in optimial cardio range, or really high… whatever the term is they use for that.

DISTANCE: it will tell you the distance traveled today, and in the app you can see the total distance, etc etc.

CALORIES: the calories burned by walking and exercise. If you use the app to log your food you can also see the calories in.

STAIRS: this will tell you the flights of stairs climbed in a day, this feature I could really do without and it isn’t very accurate.

The readings reset each day at midnight. You can view totals by visiting the app on your phone or computer.

It Even Tells Time

It may be funny to hear that but I find what I use it for the most is seeing the time without taking my phone out of my pocket. I have gone quite some time without wanting or needing a watch. I do however like the convenience of having a timepiece with other robust functions. It holds a charge for about 5 days and it tells me on my phone when it needs to charge. I like seeing the messages like- you’ve done a marathon (this was after about a week of wearing it), or you’ve made 10k steps in a day. It is extremely easy to use. If I want to workout and track the exercise I simply hold the button (only one to choose from) for 3 seconds or until it vibrates a bit. It then starts a timer, it’s recommended you move it slightly further up the arm during these times for more accurate heart rate readings.


Tracking my Bootcamp or Crossfit Style Workouts with my Fitbit

Part of what I do is some of the crossfit workouts, or my own crossfit type workouts where I will do a certain amout of work and see how long it takes. With the Charge HR I just hold the button for 3 seconds and go. I can even check my heartrate if I pause for a moment to catch my breath. When I’m finished just another quick hold of the button will stop the time. You can then check the readings on the app for more information about heart rate rise and drop, the calories burned during the workout, and more. This is nice because I was using a timer which meant instead of dropping to the ground and catching my breath after a tough workout. I would have to first run over to the phone I was timing with, find the timer and stop it. This may not seem like a big deal but when completely drained from a workout, and having to wake up the phone, close out the music, get the timer active so you can stop it. For a short 3 or 4 minute workout just 10 seconds can be a huge disappointment  if your tracking your progress.

Conclusion of my Fitbit Charge HR Review

I love it, I won’t wear a watch, but I love having my fitbit. Having it on to check my heartbeat during my rest periods in workouts lets me know if I’m pushing my limits or fooling myself. Having the app helps the community feeling that keeps me motivated. I’ll get another one if this one