Hypnotherapy for Boost in Weight Loss

I always love hearing about people having success with weight loss and trying to get healthier and so I wanted to share this awesome story I read recently about a older gentleman who just lose over 100 pounds by using weight loss hypnosis from a hypnotherapist name Lance Pohling of Butterfly Hypnosis on Long Island, NY.

Not one to be a big believer in hypnosis I have to admit it always seemed kind of off to me that someone would be able to magically trick you into eating your way thin through hypnosis but I suppose after seeing some of the results and doing some homework on the topic I could see how it can actually work.


The main idea behind weight loss hypnosis is really about helping to retrain your brain into picking up new habits and kicking out old ones, for example breaking the habit of craving sweets at night and instead retraining yourself to opt for fruit instead.

There is a lot of other good information about this topic over at Oprah’s site  so definitely check that out of just go email Lance and ask for some more info, he seems like a super nice guy and to be honest I am strongly considering doing some over the phone consulting with him to help me trying for my marathon.