Float like a Butterfly

Finally getting those butterfly pull-ups down.  It has taken a bit, but just having the setup at home and working on 2, 3, or 5 in a row for a week or two has brought me some great results.  I am not getting large numbers strung together but I really didn’t get large numbers strung …

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Easter cheating

So Easter came and went, and the dedication I had going for the whole30 was also on holiday.  I had a fair amount of candy, some cookies, some sweet tea and mac n cheese.  We were on the last week but I failed to hold out.  I have also had some problems keeping the 5,3,1 …

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I promized some pictures

I haven’t been quite as consistant as I had hoped when we decided to get the home gym.  It has been a rough week with the little ones getting sick, my wife getting sick, trying to dig out the backyard for the garden etc. etc.  We will  be having a community garage sale soon so …

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being sick

Having issues

Well I got sick yesterday and ended up eating some crackers and drinking some gatoraid.  I had gone to a birthday party and ate a few cookies (4) and some bacon wrapped meatballs soaked in bbq sause, the kind i know is loaded with sugar. So I ended up having some issues and I was …

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healthy barbeque

Eating good, feeling better

So its almost been a week, yea I know that isn't very long. Yesterday I felt great at breakfast after my usual grapefruit, banana and coffee.  I also had an apple and some cashews along with that.  I sometimes have an extra banana, sometimes an apple or orange.  I've been able to put in workouts for the last few days in our home gym.  We do crossfit styled workouts and follow a couple popular boxes to find wods or just write our own.

Whole30 Exercise Plan

So my plan to eat nothing but raw foods for the first 2 weeks of my whole30 is going just about as planned.  I am doing mostly salads for lunch and dinner, and I am doing as planned with 1/2 portion of meat at lunch and a full portion for dinner.  My breakfasts have been 2 bananas and 1/2 grapefruit generally.  I have been eating 1/2 a chicken thigh or ground beef with my  salads for lunch and dinner,   I have been pretty satisfied now that I am getting accustomed to it.  The first day was rough since I tried only having 1 banana for breakfast and didn't add meat to the salad.  My calorie intake was a bit low and I was hungry.  I ended up eating a couple handfulls of raisins which I needed but I'd rather not since that's a large amount of sugar. 

Eating whole30 Portions

This will be about the third time I've done a Whole30 with my wife.  To find get all the information you need to do a whole30 get the book.  We've been eating paleo, sometimes with adjustments, sometimes strict.  This time I am planning on eating mostly raw veggies for the first couple weeks in an attempt to purge any bad gut bacteria.  This first couple weeks I will only have a half portion of meat with lunch and a portion of meat with dinner in addition to my raw veggies.