Paleo taco salad for whole30

Taco Tuesday is BACK

Everyone loves a good taco but it is hard to find a good tortilla recipe that is good for tacos so I make a paleo taco salad. I have a recipe for paleo tortillas but they’re not real great for tacos.  So as always at ForgingEliteHealth this is a super simple recipe. If you can brown ground beef and chop an onion your almost finished.

Here’s My Paleo Taco Salad Recipe

In my cast iron skillet I brown a pound to 1 1/2 pounds of ground beef (or ground sirloin mmm). I add one yellow onion, cut in half and then thinly sliced.  I also add some bell pepper, any color you want, this time I used a yellow one. It was chopped in big chunks.

This beef veggie mixture I will season with a bit of tony’s, garlic powder, chili powder, cumin, and salt. I go easy with the cumin, but I tend to have a heavy hand with the chili powder. Some chili powders can be spicy so make sure you know what kind you’ve got before going overboard with it.

The Greens

This was just a half head of iceburg lettuce, and some shreds of purple cabbage (with the purple cabbage we placed it in a container with apple cider vinegar, and a spoon of honey). We sometimes will have shredded carrot, or cucumber in our veggies but lately we’ve been keeping it pretty simple.

Bringing it all Together for Easy Taco Salad

Once the greens are in a bowl and the meat is finished cooking  its just a matter of putting a generous scoop of beef on top. Then dressing it with your favorite salsa, and avocado chunks. My wife loves the avocado but I can do without it.

There are tons of variations you can build with a taco salad get more ideas here.


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