crock pot pulled pork recipes without bbq sauce

How to make Crock Pot Pulled Pork Recipes

So this slow cooker pork roast recipe is one of our favorites, we make it almost weekly nearly every time we do a Whole30 or eat strict Paleo and quite often even when we’re not.

Here’s the Crock Pot Pulled Pork Recipes without BBQ Sauce

I take a rough cut onion, basically I quarter it and break it up a bit in the bottom of the pot. Then I place a pork shoulder or pork butt in the crock pot. I leave it on high for about 4 – 6 hours, until you can easily break up the meat with a fork or spoon. At that point I’ll make sure the meat is all mostly sitting in its juices. I don’t add any liquid to the pot but the meat makes its own liquid from the rendered fat and juice in the meat.

Season your Pork Roast Generously

As this is a large slab of meat it must be generously seasoned with pepper and salt. I usually just use garlic, Tony Chachere’s and salt. You can see I use a slow cooker bag, this makes for really easy cleanup which is nice. It used to be that the large cumbersome crock pot sat until the next morning before being washed. By the time I eat and have a full belly from the delicious pork I don’t want to deal with scrubbing the large pot, so it sits until morning. Gross, I know.

Perfect Time to Add Vegetables

This recipe can also be done with added carrots, or potatoes, with potatoes I don’t add them right at the beginning though. Depending on how small I cut them I will add carrots of potatoes with a couple hours left of the cook. They suck up the pork juice nicely and get great flavors. Some other veggies we’ve been known to use are bell peppers, celery, poblano peppers, and I think we’ve enen tried butternut squash once. Just about any veggie that cooks in there gets a great boost of flavors.

WHOLE30: Day 31

Today was our first day not being on the whole30. I didn’t do anything different. I went to see friends and there was a bowl of candy I avoided. I didn’t make myself a sandwich for lunch, I had a few boiled eggs and more fruit. We had bunless burgers for dinner and I think the worst thing we added were some pickles that had some chemical stuff way down the list of ingredients.  The burgers were great I had 2 lettuce wrapped burgers and they were amazing. We’ve decided that this must be a regular thing so I’ll try to put up a recipe, not that its much different than any other burger. We just put it in lettuce instead of a bun.