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Started A 16 Week Marathon Training Schedule Today

I have always been into exercising and fitness and at the beginning of the year, I decided to step it up a notch. I wanted to start working out more and really getting my body in great shape. I have so far been happy with the dedication I have had and haven’t missed one workout so far. A few days ago I saw a few of my friends talking about running a marathon in the spring. I had never ran a marathon before, but it was something I was interested in doing.

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I sent my friend a text and asked her if she has ran in many of them. She said she hasn’t and this was her first one. I asked her how she got prepared for it and she said she is using an app that is a 16 week marathon training schedule. She said she came across it online and got the app and loves it.

After talking to her I looked up the app on the app store and downloaded it on my phone. I decided to give myself a few days before starting and this morning, I decided to give it a try. I was okay with day one of the 16 week marathon training schedule, but I know it gets progressively harder. I am going to keep up with it and stick to it so I can run this marathon with my friends.

I asked my friend how she signed up for the marathon and she told me I could do it on their Facebook page. She said it’s really easy and if I sign up now, it will be cheaper. I am going to check out the Facebook page and sign up in a few more days so I can do it.