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Whole30 Pineapple Pork Meatball Recipe

So these are a great sweet meatball that we love. Its pretty simple let’s get right to it. These are great for dipping, but I like to eat them plain too.


Pork Meatball Ingredients

3 lbs of ground pork

16 oz crushed pineapple

1/2 large purple onion

Seasonings (the usual suspects)

Time (about an hour to mix and cook)

This is another real simple recipe, we’ve had an issue with them being underseasoned once but it’s pretty hard to make these and have them not turn out great. The first thing I do is cut my purple onion rather small, then I will put the pineapple in a strainer to get the extra juice out. With the pineapple I try to get just a little more juice out than will come out by just pouring it into the strainer so the mixture doesn’t end up too wet. I just shake it a bit and gently push down to drain a little extra.


Then we just put it all in a bowl and mix, I  will add garlic, and tony’s to the mixture (as usual) and even a bit of paprika to give them some color. Pork is a bit too white and looks odd if not. I did these yesterday and I’m pretty sure that is all I seasoned them with. I always change the flavor profile just a touch by adding mustard, or cumin for a bit of variation. I balled these up in 3-4 oz balls and put them in the oven on a cookie sheet for 45 minutes at 375 degrees.  I did sprinkle the outside of the balls while on the cookie sheet as well. I use a cookie sheet with a good lip because with the pineapple these tend to make a good amount of juice.




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